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The Elianto Solution



Elianto is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company, that aims to offer to the market innovative "turnkey" Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants, at a power range between 1 and 10 MWe, for the production of electricity and heat. 

Our primary commitments are continuous innovation and reliability of the technology. 

We are driven by the ambition of spreading solar energy productions with uncompromising concern for technological solutions with low environmental impact.  

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Why choose Elianto?

Zero emissions - Reduced environmental impact Energy storage - Possibility to plan the electricity production - Simple integration with other generation systems - Long life cycle of the CSP plants (>25 years).

Many applications...

Electrical production - Pure thermal (Water at 90°C and steam generation) - Co and trigeneration - Desalination - Coupling with thermal driven desalination plants (Reverse Osmosis and Multistage flash distillation).

International vision

Countries of particular interest are Chile, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc, where the CSP technology, due to the high level of solar irradiation, becomes considerably competitive.

La Sardegna cresce con l'Europa 
PROGETTO COFINANZIATO DALL'UNIONE EUROPEA CON IL  SUPPORTO DELLA RAS Sostegno alla creazione e allo sviluppo di nuove imprese innovative - P.O.R. F.E.R.S. Sardegna 2007-2013       

Innova MicroSOLAR - Horizon2020 - Grant Agreement 723596