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    Can the Elianto CSP plants be designed for domestic use?

    No, the plants are designed mainly for industrial use. The minimal plant size depends from the type of plant and the integration with other processes or technologies.


    What types of CSP plants offers Elianto?

    Besides the electrical production, the Elianto CSP plants can easily be integrated with processes of Cogeneration (combined production of electricity and heat) and Trigeneration (electricity, district heating and cooling, exiccation, saturated steam production). The plants can also be simply integrated with other auxiliary power generation systems like fuel or biomass.


    What level of direct normal irradiation (DNI) is optimal for the CSP plants?

    CSP plants offer increased levels of productivity in areas where Direct Normal Irradiance is higher than 1.700 kWh/m2/year (ex. South Italy).


    Where can CSP plants be installed?

    A CSP Plant is fixes to the ground in different types of areas (industrial, agricultural etc.) The surface of the area needs to be flat, free from obstacles that can create shadow and possibly of rectangular shape. Elianto is continuing its R&D work for enabling, in the near future, the construction of CSP plant above buildings’ roofs.

    Italian CSP Regulation


    D.M. 06 Luglio 2012 – FER – Elettriche

    D.M. 11 Aprile 2008 – Criteri e modalità per incentivare la produzione di energia elettrica da fonte solare mediante cicli termodinamici.

    D.Lgs 29 Dicembre 2003 n. 387 – Attuazione della Direttiva 2001/77/CE sulla promozione delle fonti rinnovabili

    How to obtain Feed In Tariffs



    DM 28 Dicembre 2012 – Conto termico

    How to obtain Feed In Tariffs


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