Why choose Elianto?

Zero emissions - Reduced environmental impact 
State regulated incentives for CSP plants (Feed-in tariffs) 
Energy storage and possibility to plan the electricity production 
Integration with other generation systems to extend the continuity of production
Long life cycle of the CSP plants (>25 years) 

Our main innovation regards the Scale Reduction (1-10 MWe). We propose to the market a novel, Patented technology for the production of electricity from Concentrated Solar Power, entirely developed by us. 



International vision

Elianto aims to acquire the largest portion of the italian market share addressed to small scale plants. Elianto's potential clients are industries, energy producers, public administrations, etc. Elianto aims to establish international partnerships and broaden its reference market by including the countries with a high solar radiation in the southern Europe and Sun Belt regions. Countries of particular interest are Chile, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc. The CSP technology becomes considerably competitive in such geographical areas.