The Elianto Solution

The Technology

Our CSP plants

Several R&D projects carried out by Elianto have lead to the realization of a plant prototype, located near Cagliari. The prototype has been was used as a laboratory for experimentations and data collection. 
The technology`s maturity was confirmed by the construction of the first industrial plant in Rende (south Italy) having a nominal power of 1 MWe. An ambitious project which combines the innovation of a concentrating solar power plant with an already operating plant which produces energy from biomass. 
It is the first renewable hybrid plant in Europe.

- Variety of applications ranging from pure electrical to pure thermal production..

- Electrical production - Scale reduction. Highly modular solar field 

- Pure thermal - H2O at 90°C and steam generation for industrial applications at medium (150°C) or high (300°C) temperatures

- Co and trigeneration – Ranging from civil to industrial (district heating and cooling, exsiccation or steam generation) 

- Desalination – Coupling with thermal driven desalination plants (Reverse Osmosis and Multistage flash distillation).