The Company

Elianto is a company involved in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) plants in small to medium scale based on Linear Fresnel Reflector Technology.

Established in 2007, Elianto is a spin-off of CRS4, a research center in Sardinia, Italy, whose research team – including Elianto founder Piero Pili - is led by Prof. Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Prize in Physics 1984). In 2014 the company completed the construction of the first industrial plant and expects to terminate the solar field of a second plant, nearly completed, by the end of 2022.

The technology

Elianto’s proposed solution is a system of reflecting panels (LFR, Linear Fresnel Reflectors) able to concentrate solar radiation towards a central receiver tube placed on a very high structure (more than 100 m). This central receiver contains a fluid (diathermic oil or molten salts) capable of reaching very high temperatures, that will transfer heat both to the energy storage unit and to the power generation unit to generate electricity (or thermal energy).

The first medium scale concentrating solar power plant has been unveiled in 2007 in Seville, and it’s precisely in Spain that the use of this system has been spreading.

The main advantages of this technology, and of Elianto’s solution, are lower production costs with higher returns.

Traction and validation roadmap

More than 15 years of experience in the development of solar plants for the production of heat at medium and high temperatures, with the constant support of research and development activities aimed at the improvement of plant performance and at the reduction of investment costs to make the product competitive compared to other solutions, especially those using fossil fuel.

Industrial references: an industrial scale plant of 5 MW in 2013 based on LFR technology. A complete product revision of the micro scale for the H2020 Innova Micro Solar European project.

A complete product revision of the medium and large scale production realized for ENEA, in Rome. An industrial scale plant (9 MW and reflectors for a surface of 17.300 m2) on its way to completion in Sicily. A hybrid solar thermal – PV plant with a battery for the creation of two micro districts (thermal and electric) for civil use to be built in Sardinia.