Crowdfunding Campaign with WeAreStarting

Elianto is a company involved in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of “turnkey” Concentrating Solar Power plants –ranging from “micro” scale (20 kWe) to small scale (5MWe) – for the production of heat, power and refrigeration.

The exclusive wealth of knowledge and know-how acquired by the company over the years represents the added value that allows Elianto to compete in the market of solar thermal systems for tri-generative production, the plannable generation, thanks to the presence of thermal storage, single or combined of electricity, heat and cooling for civil and industrial applications. To make this happen, the founding members have invested their own capital, as well as having obtained the following loans:

• In 2009, we completed our first fundraiser as a start-up.

• Various crowd-lending operations carried out with  from 2020 to 2022.

The funds raised through crowdfunding will be used to allow the company to continue its operations by increasing its commercial capacity and consequently its turnover.

The campaign on the WeAreStarting portal offered investors the opportunity to subscribe to two different categories of shares in the company Elianto s.r.l.: "class A" units, that offer the right to vote at the shareholders' meeting, and "class B" units. The value estimated by the company for this operation is 3,1 million euros for the 10% of the company. The “class A” share will be assigned to those who participate in the operation for a total amount equal to or greater than 20 thousand euros.