Target market 

From a commercial standpoint, Elianto s.r.l. aims at the market for process heat production and industrial refrigeration from solar sources. In this field, natural gas (and therefore both its availability and its market price) is the main competition, as the temperatures generated by a gas plant and a concentrating solar thermal plant are both compatible with those typically required in those industrial processes Elianto wants to provide for.

The market opportunity that derives from the recent surge in the price of natural gas is leading institutions and various stakeholders to look with greater interest towards forms of energy generation from renewable sources and zero emissions.

This context also includes the recent Glasgow agreements of the "UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)" on the reduction of climate-altering gases and the consequent will of the more developed countries - albeit with the various distinctions of relevant countries such as China, the United States and India, compared to the more determined intentions of other nations, Europe among them - to abandon the use of coal for electrical and thermal production for the industrial and civil sectors.

As a result, clear prospects for all those zero-emission technologies, such as the one proposed by Elianto, are opening up on the market, especially in Europe. This turning point is already evident and substantial also in Italy. Proof of this is the goal given in the seven-year 2021-2027 "New Generation EU" plan of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). These guidelines strategically pave the way for investments in highly replicable and high-impact technologies aimed at containing CO2 emission levels, particularly in the industrial sector.

On an international level, "concentration" technology continues to enjoy considerable interest from investors for the construction of small-medium sized plants for the combined production of electricity, heat and refrigeration mainly in rural areas not reached by the transport network of the natural gas.

In Italy, the sector is driven by projects still under construction for a total of 20 MW approved by the Decree of June 2016 and whose installations are completing their commissioning.

"Market target and opportunity
Decarbonisation of the industrial sector: growing demand for process heat in industry for renewable energies to be satisfied in the short-medium term.